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What is a Session Like

What Is a Session Like?

In a safe, comfortable environment, you rest fully clothed on a treatment table. The practitioner then uses light touch to facilitate the flow and movement of energy in the body (PolarityReiki), or to detect and release restrictions within the CranioSacral system (CranioSacral Therapy).


Because these modalities support and complement each other, a session may combine techniques from all three. During the session, you may experience a deep relaxation, subsequently increasing awareness of habitual tension and constriction in the body.

You and the practitioner then investigate what is contributing to these "holding patterns".

  • Could it be how you are sitting or standing at work?

  • Tension brought on by emotional stress?

  • Compensatory movement patterns due to an old injury?

Once you know, you can address the problem and actively participate in your own health.  

Client Testimonial

I have been working with Ms. Lowy for nearly a year now. CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy has done wonders for me. Ms. Lowy is able to focus on the area that is most in need of work in an amazingly short amount of time–seconds actually. I usually work with her on Fridays at the end of a long, hard week when stress, tension and pain are often at their highest. The restorative qualities of this work are amazing. At the end of each session, I feel relaxed, less pain and a general sense of physical balance and well-being. I highly recommend CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy. Ms. Lowy is a highly skilled and sensitive practitioner.

--Jennifer S., New York, NY

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