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Monica went to great lengths to ensure I regained my natural voice and understood the rationale behind every sessions and vocal exercise. She helped me correct a lifetime of bad vocal and breathing habits. For the first time in many years, I have a clear voice with no strain. Thank you, Monica!

Amy C., Hoboken, N.J.

I started working with Monica Lowy, after I was diagnosed with voice dysphonia. I can’t say enough good things about her! Amazing all around. Monica is very attentive especially when it comes to teaching different techniques that work for each individual. She is very compassionate, professional and has a lot patience. She educated me about all the moving parts in my vocal anatomy, not to mention the body work she taught me to help with my breathing when using my vocals. I’m not a singer, just wanted to be heard clear without putting forth so much strain and energy when having a conversation. I can’t tell you how good It feels when people don’t constantly ask me to repeat myself but also having a healthy Larynx feels great. Monica is a true healer and now I can honestly say my voice is fully restored. I would recommend her to anyone who needs this kind of specialist. Very pleased and grateful to have worked with her! I really looked forward to going to see her every week.

Asha O., New York, NY

Being eight months pregnant and working full-time, I was in severe pain from the extra thirty pounds I’d been carrying. Through CranioSacral therapy, Monica helped me tune into and release the extreme (very extreme) pain on my pelvic bone, back, legs and swollen feet. Her touch is so natural and gentle, and her spirit is so nurturing. I will always remember leaving her office to the chaotic streets of Manhattan feeling lighter and more relaxed than I had felt in a very long time, with a dose of self-love I didn’t expect.

Cerelia A., New York, N.Y.

I’ve been going to Monica the last few months for orofacial myofunctional therapy and adjunct craniosacral sessions. I see clear results! She’s fantastic!

Christine K., New York, NY

Monica has literally transformed my speech into a deeper, clearer one. She genuinely cares about her clients and the progress they make, and it is obvious she enjoys working with them.

David C., Brooklyn, NY

My voice disorder journey has been long and complex. I am deeply grateful to Monica Lowy for her willingness to take on my case. She was a champion for me and my voice from our phone consultation through the entire treatment process. She proved to be a highly skilled expert in both diagnostics and therapy for my entire vocal tract. Her ear is so fine-tuned to the voice that she was able to hear behaviors and tensions that others could not. With this ability, she guided me to an easy, efficient voice with a timbre that I'm very proud of. She delivered each session with genuine care, respect, support, and empathy. So, not only is she a remarkable SLP, she is an amazing human being as well. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all.

J Hall, Professional Voice User

I have been working with Ms. Lowy for nearly a year now. CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy has done wonders for me. Ms. Lowy is able to focus on the area that is most in need of work in an amazingly short amount of time–seconds actually. I usually work with her on Fridays at the end of a long, hard week when stress, tension and pain are often at their highest. The restorative qualities of this work are amazing. At the end of each session, I feel relaxed, less pain and a general sense of physical balance and well-being. I highly recommend CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy. Ms. Lowy is a highly skilled and sensitive practitioner.

Jennifer S., New York, N.Y.

Monica is an incredible accent reduction trainer who also has a sympathetic personality. I always received precise reports on my progress with accurate methodology and home exercises. After just 13 sessions, I felt confident about being myself while speaking a foreign language. I feel fantastic when after two years of being in the USA, my native speaker friends ask me what American high school I graduated from!

Lana G., New York, NY

I can’t speak highly enough of Monica and Bodylink Speech Therapy! Working with her has been a life changing experience. She is an excellent speech therapist, an all around wonderful person, and whatever your goal or need is, she will help you get there. As a singer and performer it was important to me to find a speech pathologist who fully understood my needs in this area and had a similar background. I received all of that and more from Monica. I also love her holistic approach.

Lauren M., Brooklyn, NY

I am a recent college graduate working in finance, and oral communication is the key for the success of my career. After many years of struggling with my speech, I decided to seek help and turn to Monica in order to save my job. I have been seeing Monica for 10 weeks now, and the improvement in my speech has been incredible. Monica has been able to discover some of the real issues in my speech, such as voice resonance. My speech is certainly more fluent, and my stuttering has almost phased out. Thank you, Monica.

Oscar S., New York, NY

I came to Monica with a diagnosis of muscle tension dysphonia and vocal cord paresis. The condition was greatly affecting my ability to speak on a day-to-day basis. In a matter of a few short months Monica changed my life. She guided me through speech therapy providing a level of attention and insight that was truly remarkable. She tailored my program exactly to fit my needs and condition, listening carefully each week to how I was progressing taking into account my successes and areas of difficulty. I also found Monica’s ability to use craniosacral therapy as a complement to traditional speech therapy especially unique and helpful. She is a truly holistic therapist–she has great medical knowledge about speech disorders and their treatment and is equally sensitive in her understanding of what each client needs to achieve their best voice. I had tried speech therapy with a few other therapists prior to this for my condition with little to no results. A few months with Monica and my condition has dramatically improved. It no longer affects my day-to-day life. I highly recommend Monica as a speech therapist and craniosacral therapist. She is the best!

Pamela D., New York, NY

In working with Monica, I have noticed a marked reduction in my level of anxiety when speaking in front of large groups. My posture and voice projection now match the passion I wish to convey when sharing my message, and I can easily choose the correct words and speaking style to suit any audience. Her seamless integration of speech, voice and bodywork allowed me to progress both personally and professionally as a speaker and a writer. For these changes, I am indebted to Monica, and suggest that anyone who doubts their vocal abilities try a session and experience the work him or herself.

Rebecca I., Parlin, N.J.

I highly recommend Monica. After having worked with Monica for a few short weeks, I’m already achieving significant results with my speech. As a 40 year old sales professional transitioning into a legal career, it’s important that I fine tune my communication skills as much as possible. Interested in getting help in order to speak more clearly, I found Monica’s Bodylink site and set up a diagnostic session. After having seen a few other therapists, Monica was the only professional to perform and in-depth diagnostic review of my speech. Accordingly, I think the guidance she’s provided during our sessions is specifically tailored to my needs and has allowed me to make the progress I have in bettering my speech overall.

Stephen D., Mineola, NY

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