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Adults seek speech-language therapy for a variety of reasons. They may have an unresolved speech-language problem that developed in childhood, or an underlying medical condition that caused the disorder.

At Bodylink Speech Therapy, services for adults include evaluation and treatment of:


Adult assessments may include standardized and non-standardized (criterion-based) testing, written and verbal language samples and informal observation. Checklists and client self-assessment forms are also used as needed.

Length of testing ranges from 60-90 minutes.


All treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

No matter what program or specific exercises your treatment protocol may include, your lifestyle, professional goals, family involvement and feelings regarding a speech-language difficulty are always honored and taken into account.

We focus on what is important to you, so you will be motivated to achieve your goals.

Speech-Language sessions are 30 minutes and 50 minutes.

Client Testimonial

I’ve been going to Monica the last few months for orofacial myofunctional therapy and adjunct craniosacral sessions. I see clear results! She’s fantastic!

--Christine K., New York, NY 

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