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Why Choose a Speech-Language Pathologist for Accent Modification?

As communication specialists, speech language pathologists (SLPs) are uniquely qualified to provide accent modification training. SLPs take undergraduate and graduate courses in language development, articulation, phonetics, phonology, and the anatomy and physiology of the speech & hearing mechanism. SLPs are experts trained in modifying, remediating and habilitating speech sound production. SLPs have also received training in voice, and resonance, as well as the suprasegmental aspects of speech, language and communication. These include word & sentence stress, rhythm, intonation, word linking & word reductions. SLPs are also knowledgeable in nonverbal communication skills, such as volume, tone of voice, facial expression and body language. SLPs take a holistic approach, and train English pronunciation and communication skills to refine and strengthen the whole package (verbal, non-verbal, and cultural communication skills). Their education includes years of training and fellowship work (working under another certified SLP), and continuing education hours every year. SLPs hold certification mandated by their state, and by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. When looking for a professional to assist in your accent management, consider an SLP first.

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