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What is Integrated Body Work?

What is Integrated Body Work

You are more than a talking head. Did you know that speech and language production involves the entire body and depends on a very complex web of sensory, motor and neurologic systems to keep going?

Well, we believe that supporting those systems may enhance and enrich treatment (makes sense, doesn’t it?). This is why Bodylink Speech Therapy offers a variety of somatic modalities including

Because every body is unique, some may resonate with one form of bodywork, while others might prefer a different technique or a combination of all three. The ultimate goal is to free the body of habitual tension and stress, as a relaxed body is better able to achieve optimal performance. Relaxation techniques have long been used with good results when treating both stuttering and voice disorders.

In recent years, those with orofacial myofunctional disorders, autism, learning disabilities and ADHD have also greatly benefited from bodywork that releases fascial restrictions and calms the central nervous system. Please read further to learn how integrative bodywork can help you.

Client Testimonial

I started working with Monica Lowy, after I was diagnosed with voice dysphonia. I can’t say enough good things about her! Amazing all around. Monica is very attentive especially when it comes to teaching different techniques that work for each individual. She is very compassionate, professional and has a lot patience. She educated me about all the moving parts in my vocal anatomy, not to mention the body work she taught me to help with my breathing when using my vocals. I’m not a singer, just wanted to be heard clear without putting forth so much strain and energy when having a conversation. I can’t tell you how good It feels when people don’t constantly ask me to repeat myself but also having a healthy Larynx feels great. Monica is a true healer and now I can honestly say my voice is fully restored. I would recommend her to anyone who needs this kind of specialist. Very pleased and grateful to have worked with her! I really looked forward to going to see her every week.

--Asha O., New York, NY

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