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Monica Lowy, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSHH, APP.

Welcome to Bodylink Speech Therapy’s new and improved website!  I’m very excited to get the page up and running, and to add this blog. When I became a speech-language pathologist back in 1996, the word “blog” didn’t even exist, and I didn’t exactly embrace blog reading (or writing) until they became an integral part of our online world. Now I’m just so happy to have the opportunity to share information and answer your questions about speech-language pathology and this practice. Although Bodylink is situated in Union Square, one of the “hearts” of New York City, I would love to hear from people all over the world! I am in the field of communication, so the more the merrier.

If you have toured the site, you will see that Bodylink Speech Therapy offers both comprehensive speech-language services and integrative bodywork including Craniosacral therapy, Polarity therapy and Reiki. These services are offered as adjuncts to speech-language treatment and as stand-alone treatments for those who are interested in energetic bodywork. I have been an Craniosacral and Associate Polarity Practitioner since 1999, and a certified Reiki practitioner since 2010. These modalities are fantastic when reducing stress and tension, and are particularly useful when working with our New York City clients who, in addition to dealing with the stress of living in our great city, may have conditions like Muscle Tension Dysphonia (a voice disorder in which parts of the larynx are tense during sound production) or stuttering, a fluency disorder in which clients often have extraneous muscle tension throughout their bodies (particularly in the jaw, neck and shoulders).  Reducing muscle tension is often essential for treatment, and I have seen many clients benefit from the very gentle techniques that relax the fascia (connective tissue) that surround the muscles, and release chronic holding in the areas targeted. I guess my philosophy is that you need to treat the whole client, as you really cannot separate the articulators (lips, tongue, jaw, vocal folds) from the rest of your body. And if you did, well that would be downright scary!

I do hope that you will contact me with any questions or comments you may have. I will be adding other features to the site as the ball gets rolling, and I’d love hear your suggestions. It is such an honor and a privilege to do this work, and you are the best part of it.

About Monica Lowy

Monica Lowy

Bodylink Speech Therapy is a private speech therapy practice founded by Monica Lowy, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSHH, APP. Ms. Lowy earned a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at New York University in 1996 and has been a New York State licensed clinician for 16 years.

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