Save the Date: Self-Care for Resisters and Procrastinators

Are you a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist or other healthcare worker who always puts your needs last? Are you burned out and need to establish healthy boundaries professionally and personally? Are you a loving parent who has a special needs child and can’t find a moment in the day for yourself? […]

Thrive to Serve!

I was recently interviewed for Viktor Nagornyy’s “Thrive to Serve” podcast. Take a listen and learn a little about the inner workings of Bodylink Speech Therapy!

Healthcare Workers and Self-Care: If Not Now, When?

In March 2015, I became a Certified Holistic Life Coach. As a Coach and  licensed speech-language pathologist, one area of focus has been helping healthcare practitioners find balance and utilize good self-care in their daily lives. That’s why I’m sharing this blog post, originally written for my HLC website, If you would like further […]

Tongue Thrust: Only Part of the Story

I receive many calls from parents telling me they are concerned about their child’s tongue thrust. Because there is some confusion about what a tongue thrust really is, I wanted to explain things and clear up some possible misconceptions. Tongue thrust, now known as an incorrect tongue resting posture and swallowing pattern, is the most […]

Monica Lowy - Speech Therapist New York City

Bodylink Speech Therapy Launches New Website

Welcome to Bodylink Speech Therapy’s new and improved website!  I’m very excited to get the page up and running, and to add this blog. When I became a speech-language pathologist back in 1996, the word “blog” didn’t even exist, and I didn’t exactly embrace blog reading (or writing) until they became an integral part of […]