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Speech-Language Therapy: Actors and Professionals

Speech-Language Therapy: Actors and Professionals

Actors have speech and voice demands greater than the average person. Whether auditioning or playing a role, poor articulation or vocal technique can negatively impact the career of even the most talented performer.  In order to book that commercial, get that part or perform without vocal fatigue or strain, you need the right skills and technique to ensure success. This includes learning:


  • Appropriate breathing techniques
  • Resonant voice quality
  • Effective pitch and loudness range/variationInteresting intonation and inflection
  • Precise sound articulation
  • Proper speaking rate
  • Accent reduction


We will teach you to master those skills, providing a good foundation and allowing your talent to shine. As an actor, you already know how to work hard, so let us help and bring you to the next level!


Professionals like business executives, managers, attorneys, doctors, educators and sales people, must also rely on good communication skills in order to be effective. That includes:


  • Good listening skills
  • Appropriate non-verbal communication including posture, gestures, facial expression and eye contact
  • Clear voice and speech
  • Dynamic public speaking


Professionals who have a foreign accent may also benefit from accent reduction training.


Our business communication training will help you to become a more engaging and dynamic speaker, and improve your interactions with both clients and colleagues.

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